Our IP Position

Alterix has developed a paten pending
technology for fast and inexpensive
electronics for interactive displays.

We have filed a family of patents covering:

Patents are taken to US, Europe, and China. Five patents are already granted in UK

  • hardware design for achieving the best possible signal to noise ratio for the measurements with the projective capacitive sensor grid sensors
  • arrangement for the fast digital scanning system which can be realized using generic ARM Cortex microcontroller
  • software algorithms for the digital filtering of the raw data for improving signal to noise ratio

Our approach


Alterix has developed disruptive technology solution addressing unmet needs of the market

Our technology relies on similar physics to the touch digitizers used in iPad and other tablet computers but provides a hundredfold improvement in the measurement speed

Our solution is capable of achieving 8,000,000 measurements per second for a sensing grid and to provide signal to noise ratio required for working with a small diameter tip stylus

This allows the development of multi-touch digitizers with diagonal sizes from 21" up to 105" using a single platform technology

Our design is based on readily available off- the-shelf electronics resulting in a low overall BOM ranging from $15 (21") to $50 (105") and no minimum order size